threat analysis

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We Help Security Teams Analyze Threats


Automation is a critical factor in what makes TwinWave’s threat analysis platform unique. Our attack chain following technology automatically navigates the complex attack chains that attackers use to evade analysis of credential phishing and malware threats.


TwinWave includes multiple layers of detection techniques for both credential phishing and malware threats. These unique detection techniques, combined with support for integrating 3rd party sandboxes, help our customers achieve unparalleled detection efficacy.

Actionable Intelligence

Our attack chain following technology fully explores a threat’s surface area including deep analysis activities like extracting payload URLs from macro source code or encoded powershell commands. This results in high fidelity intelligence about analyzed threats.

Attackers use sophisticated attack chains to evade detection and analysis systems. TwinWave’s threat analysis platform was built from the ground up to automatically follow and analyze even the most complex attack chains.

About Us

TwinWave was founded by a team of passionate security practitioners who have built multiple security products and applications used by some of the world’s largest organizations. We started TwinWave to help organizations more quickly and accurately analyze suspected threats.


Our threat analysis platform seamlessly integrates best of breed open source projects, third party commercial solutions and our own technology in a purpose built application that fully automates the steps an experienced security analyst or researcher would follow to analyze a suspected threat.

Use Cases

Whether it is potential threats reported by end users to a “Report Phish” service, or a suspected threat triggered by a detection alert from a solution like AV, IDS, EDR or other source, SOC and IR teams are using TwinWave to accelerate and improve their investigation process.